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Vlogmas 2019 Recap | Celebrating Christmas in NYC

Vlogmas 2019 Hey Mishka - Brown Paper Minimalist Gift Wrapping

You need only scroll a post or two to figure out that one of my favorite things is documenting life—especially the sparkly, special moments. It’s kind of my jam.

Celebrating Christmas in NYC is one of the most festive ways you can wrap up the year, and since I live here, I thought I might document a bit of how a New Yorker does the season. And yes, it includes some cliché frivolity.

If you’re not living on YouTube like I am, Vlogmas is a festive theme of video that takes over the platform around the holidays. It offers a warm-and-fuzzy look into the lives of thousands of people. Kind of like a nearly-endless virtual shelf full of home videos.

You can watch mine below for a little taste of NYC during the holidays. If you like them, head over to my channel to subscribe!

I made a new post for each of these vlogmas episodes as they came out, but I thought it would be convenient to recap them in one post as well. I mean, it’s 2020 and binge-watching is a thing.



Vlogmas episode 1: Margaritas & holiday markets


The first episode is rather relaxed and understated. In fact, ’tis the perfect way to ease into far busier vlogs ahead!

I decorate our new tree by fluffing its fake branches to floofy perfection, do some client work like a good little writer, go about my usual routine, and then play with glittery nails before meeting Anastasia for festive margaritas.

Afterward, I take you around Union Square market where the entire city seems to be gift-shopping.

This vlog is packed with charming scenes of NYC during the holiday season—and even some snow falling in Brooklyn.

Vlogmas episode 2: Secrets in NYC…


During episode two, I meet up with mom and go to a theater deep in Brooklyn to see the Moscow Ballet perform The Nutcracker.

You may not know this, but back in 2008, this blog was actually called “Tchaikovsky Darling” after my deep love of all things Nutcracker-related! Needless to say, it was incredible.

The day after, we check out The New York Public Library’s holiday open house where we get to see Charles Dickens’ notebooks, writing desk, and other relics on display.

We do a few fun touristy things like seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center, having lunch at our favorite Grand Central-adjacent restaurant, and checking out the storefronts on Fifth Avenue.

Mom grew up in Brooklyn and didn’t get to do as many of those things as a kid, so we go as often as possible!

Even though we’re not technically tourists, it’s fun to play tourist in this city. It really is a cool place.


Vlogmas episode 3: Craftsmas party


Things are picking up as we careen toward Christmas! In this video I have tiki drinks with A at Clover Club (which includes my first-ever tipsy vlogging debut).

The next day I shake off the tiki hangover and reflect on finding balance as a work-from-home freelancer. I offer up some workflow tips before cleaning out the closets and making the kitchen a bit more festive.

From there it’s DIY project time, some more tree decorating (you can see the ornaments I made), and some fooling around with makeup before I put on my sequins and head to Sarah’s craftsmas party.

Bless her heart, Sarah got a bunch of friends together and equipped us with glue guns and a soundtrack. The result was nothing short of magical.


Vlogmas episode 4: High tea at The Plaza


Dang. This last one is kind of epic (by my standards) at 20 minutes long. Editing it looked like this!

It was worth it though, to capture this festive finale. It includes cookie baking (and a vegan choco-chip cookie recipe), a breakdown of the wild ornaments created in the aforementioned video, Erin’s Christmas cocktail party, and even festive cleaning product reviews.

I meet mom at The Plaza Hotel for high tea (a favorite tradition of ours) and marvel at the sheer fanciness of it all.

There’s also gift opening, traveling to the Hudson Valley to see family, cute dogs, and so much more!

It all wraps up on NYE.



Vlogs might be my favorite format of video to watch (and make).

They remind me of hanging out with a friend: going through daily activities and routines, traveling, shopping, etc.

I hope they made you feel that way while watching! Also, I’m proud to have followed through with the project and published 4 episodes.

Will I do it again next year? Probably! What do you think? Are these vlogs fun to watch? If so, you can check out ALL of my vlogs by clicking here.




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