2019 year in review - montage mashup - hey mishka nyc

Since the end of 2017 I’ve created a mashup/montage of the years by piecing together all of the random videos I took over the course of the year.

It was a random project I started after looking at folders full of small clips and footage that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I knew I’d never go back and watch a year’s worth of videos for nostalgia’s sake… but I might if it were condensed into one smooth little clip.

Hence, the “year in 2 minutes” video was born.

It’s really become my end-of-year ritual that spans about a week (a few hours each day) where I review the hundreds of videos I’ve taken and just soak it all in. This is really the best way I’ve found to access those sensory memories, laugh, cry, and just seep in the vibe of the year one more time before transitioning into a new one.

This year I had so many clips from vlogging and filming regularly that I couldn’t possibly fit them all, so it took more curating willpower than usual to cut them down accordingly.

I hope you enjoy watching—and that you make one of your own in 2020!

Happy 2020! Let’s pack this year with magic.




Written by Mishka
Michelle Christina (a.k.a. Mishka) founded heymishka.com in 2008 while studying fashion design at FIT. She has since documented her love of DIY, thrifting, and joy-infused living here. Fueled by strong coffee and faerie lights, she also trains freelance writers at Freelance Writing Cafe, vlogs at Hey Mishka TV and writes digital marketing copy for some of the world's biggest brands.