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February Vlog | Puerto Escondido is Paradise

Travel Vlog | Puerto Escondido is Paradise, Hey Mishka

The magical coast of Puerto Escondido blew my mind from the first moments I shuffled my feet across the sand and let the sunshine wash over my face. Long story short? Puerto Escondido is paradise.

Embracing the ultra-chill atmosphere of this sweet little beach town, I transformed into an absolute cliche: The city girl in a beach town paradise, wondering if she’s been living life all wrong.

The ladies of the retreat were lucky enough to be guided by the pros at The Puerto Experience. We were treated to home-cooked meals by brilliant chefs, boat rides to bioluminescent bays, surf lessons, and so much more.

I’ve edited this vlog with more generous scenery and less choppy edits in order to (hopefully) give you a sense of what it’s like to submerge yourself in Puerto Escondido’s stunning landscape and dreamy sunsets.


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