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February Vlog | Soaking in the Sun in Puerto Escondido

Palm trees, mezcal, mastermind sessions, sublime dinners on secret beaches? All themes of this trip to be sure.

My final episode of the Puerto Escondido trip is here, and it’s definitely my favorite. This one clocks in at almost twenty minutes. It has all the stunning vistas and tropical goodness of the last two but with some meaningful moments I managed to capture in the final few days.

And I can’t lie—I’m a sucker for footage of returning home. Seeing the lights of NYC come into view from the plane window gives me an indescribable feeling. Just, peace. Satisfaction. Accomplishment.

I absolutely love travel, but with panic disorder playing against me, it can take a lot out of me to get on a plane and leave the comforts of home behind. Of course, it’s always worth it when I do, and I’m always thrilled to come home and bask in the fullness of having had an adventure.

Some more thoughts on the vlog itself below. But first, give it a spin!

Watch the final episode here:

I noticed something after watching my footage from this trip back. I wasn’t able to chat to the camera as much as I would have liked about the insights I had along the way.

Amidst the eye candy, I think you can glean some ~vibes~ from the editing, but… I’m still getting this whole vlogging thing down. I envy those who can whip out the camera and share their feelings without the dread of self-awareness editing them or scrambling the words as they come out.

I had some revelatory thoughts come up around my creative and business endeavors, had some a-ha moments about creating content, and things like that. I learned a lot from our masterclass leader Andrea of It’s A Travel O.D. about marketing, revenue streams, and other things I’m always trying to expand my knowledge around.

These would have been cool to document along the way. I guess I still struggle with being open and honest to the camera when there are people around.

Aaanyway, in case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not very cool or aloof! 😉

I’m 50/50 introvert/extrovert on an endless journey of trying to figure out my feelings and document my days. But maybe we should re-frame that. Maybe it’s cool to have feelings you don’t understand and experiment with things and not be 100% sure as you create.

I hope you enjoyed these tropical vlogs! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell if you want those convenient notifications when I upload. The next vlog lands us back in NYC and the 2020 saga continues…

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I can’t end this series without giving a shoutout to Meagan Drillinger of Vaera Journeys and The Puerto Experience for making this trip so amazing, along with Andrea Valeria of It’s A Travel O.D., and everyone who put so much effort into making it so memorable.






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