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March Vlog | From Mostly Normal To Total Lockdown, Coronavirus in NYC

March Vlog Part 1 From Mostly Normal To Total Lockdown, Coronavirus in NYC

This might be the strangest vlog I have ever published. In the beginning of March, I was talking about travel plans, new coworking digs, and all of the shimmering opportunity 2020 seemed to have in store. I had arrived from Puerto Escondido with a new found vigor to tackle my goals and sink my teeth into life.

A few weeks later the grocery store shelves were emptying out, food delivery ceased, and I was spending hours each day consuming terrifying news about the spread of the COVID-19 in my city. Friends were losing work, my own clients began to disappear, and no one had concrete answers about what was happening. I wasn’t quite sure how to vlog or what to document, but I just kept filming (here and there—some days felt too dark).

The result is this rather strange vlog that goes from me complaining about the virus, not at all realizing how serious it would become, to having virtually all plans canceled (except the virtual ones). I don’t know about saying “enjoy this vlog”, because watching it gives me a bit of anxiety. But I promised I would vlog all year and I’m going to keep doing it.



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Stay safe out there!





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