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March Vlog | My Quarantine Routine & A Special Lockdown Birthday

March Vlog - My Quarantine Routine & Birthday Wishes - Hey Mishka - Coronavirus in NYC

Since quarantine routines are all the rage, I decided to record my own to wrap up one of the strangest months of my life! The last week of March made it evident that we aren’t returning to “normal” anytime soon, so I suppose it’s time we embrace it.

My quarantine routine probably looks something like yours—especially if you live in a major city—and consists of obsessively cleaning doorknobs and washing groceries.

I’ve also been working on my yoga and meditation habit to keep anxiety at bay, and finding ways to celebrate and be joyful despite the ominous sense of doom that seems to be descending a few inches closer each day.

(Okay, sorry, that was dark. But this whole thing has got me in a Poe kind of mood.)

This vlog spans just 24 hours or so and covers a very put-together morning routine and work day, but my day dissolves into a bit of an anxiety-ridden, quarantine-addled mess when I start feeling like I am coming down with a cold in the afternoon.

Since I’m an-and-off sufferer of silent reflux, I often get coughs and have random scratchy throat issues plaguing my day.

But of course, when you’re just climbing out of a rabbit hole of a dozen terrifying news stories about the most famous respiratory illness of our lifetime, any discomfort in the throat is enough to launch one into anxious despair.

This one has a happy ending, however, and I make a cake to celebrate my dude’s lockdown birthday right here in the apartment. Despite the strange circumstances, it was a heartwarming little celebration that brought some much needed frivolity to the mix. And there’s no one I’d rather be quarantined with. 😉

I hope you enjoy the final vlog of March!



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March Vlog - My Quarantine Routine & A Special Lockdown Birthday - hey mishka

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