How Should We Be Setting Goals During a Global Pandemic?

Let’s talk about having dreams and setting goals in the age of COVID-19. Why is it different—and why does that difference matter? Everyone has been hit by this global pandemic in different ways. For some it may be hard to imagine the future, while others may feel inspired to mood board their little hearts out right now. The truth is, there’s a kaleidoscope of experiences unfolding. I have friends gleefully building blanket forts with roommates while some are homeschooling children for the first time while they try to run businesses. Others are in tears while they wait for government assistance, which feels more elusive by the day. I can’t pretend to know whether hopes and dreams are at the front of your mind right now, or if you’re just trying to pull it together enough to get to tomorrow. Whether you’re feeling called to dream about the future or too hurt to think about that just yet, know that both responses are valid. I’m guessing, though, if you clicked on this link, you’re at least a little bit interested in figuring out how to channel your inner-optimist and start looking forward. If that’s true read on. If not, you can … Continue reading How Should We Be Setting Goals During a Global Pandemic?