My Heart Breaks for Hana Kimura, A Beautiful Soul Gone Too Soon

If you know me, you know I don’t really “get” pop culture. Despite being a copywriter and working in fashion, I’ve been able to navigate most of my life wearing blinders that block out the vast majority of popular media. This is not because I think I’m too cool for school—on the contrary, I have often forced myself to investigate pop culture like a nerdy, awkward detective because my career has depended on it—but because anxiety and ADD have made it hard for me to participate. The formula that makes celebrity culture so appealing doesn’t work on me. Celebrities, reality shows, etc. It all exhausts me. This has resulted in my feeling left out in certain jovial aspects of modern life, and especially when peers engage in lively discourse carried by pop culture references (which has admittedly happened a lot in work environments). Name a cult classic film or a show everyone watched in the ’90s or the early aughts, and I probably didn’t. Not because I’m not like other girls, but because I feel no pull toward consuming 90% of what we’re fed by mainstream media conglomerates. And it’s important to preface this post accordingly, because without knowing this, … Continue reading My Heart Breaks for Hana Kimura, A Beautiful Soul Gone Too Soon