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May Vlog | Green Leaves, 4am Pancakes & NYC Reopening

May Vlog 2020 - Quarantine & NYC Reopening - Hey Mishka New York City Blog

May was another unpredictable month, but there was a tangible uptick in optimism… possibly attributed to the weather, but I’m not complaining.

With NYC reopening slowly, I’m eager to cautiously subscribe to the idea that this thing is finally running its course. But the reality is, anything could happen.

Most of the month was spent sitting on the front stoop with coffee and a book. I had an almost completely nocturnal schedule. Daytime anxiety made it difficult to be awake and productive without my mind spiraling.

The stillness of being stuck at home and watching time tick by made it even more strange. It’s hard to capture how it all felt in a vlog, but I gave it a shot.

I tried foot baths, meditation, yoga… but it was rough at times. None the less, I made sure to bring fresh flowers into the house and soak in the sunshine. I tried to be patient with everything going on.

We also made plans to move this summer, since quarantine living smothered my last bits of patience and love for our current apartment. I’m always going to be grateful for this space, but I’m excite to move on from it.

Watch the vlog here:



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In the video above, I also mention Hana Kimura’s death. Here’s the post I wrote for her:


My Heart Breaks for Hana Kimura, A Beautiful Soul Gone Too Soon


Be well and happy almost-summer.




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