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Productivity Vlog | Launching My Online Course & Tackling Client Work

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On August 5th, I had a deadline. A big one. And in order to hit that deadline, I’d have to embark on an intense week of super-efficient, productive hustling. I was tackling a massive mountain of client work and launching my first-ever online course before hitting the road for a socially-distanced family vacation.

I decided to vlog the experience for my YouTube channel. I thought it would be a fun way to stay accountable and inspired—but also to share my best productivity tips with you, too! I hope you enjoy it. If you find it helpful, give it a thumbs up! And feel free to chime in with your own productivity tips in the comments.

Watch the vlog here:


A bit of context, in case you’re curious about what I actually do: I’m a freelance copywriter and I work for various clients throughout the year creating digital marketing language for their brands. I also do some consulting and creative marketing direction.

I have some longer-term clients that require weekly deliverables and shorter-term clients that pop up here and there. At this particular time, a perfect storm of client work had occurred. I don’t normally have THIS much work during any given week.

I don’t actually advocate squeezing this much work into your schedule if it’s possible to spread the tasks out over time. Sometimes, however, life throws opportunities at you and you just have to do that short-term grind. I say rise to the occasion when you can, but make balance and even pacing the norm.

If you’re interested in the online course I’m working on in the video, check it out at $5K Freelance Writing! I’m coaching freelance writers on launching and growing high-vibe, high-income, low-stress remote careers.

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I created a second blog post containing ALL of the tips from this video and more, in case you want to tuck them away for your next busy day:


Get Sh*t Done! Helpful Productivity Tips For Busy Work Weeks


Stay productive, effective, and balanced out there.





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