Productivity Vlog | Launching My Online Course & Tackling Client Work

On August 5th, I had a deadline. A big one. And in order to hit that deadline, I’d have to embark on an intense week of super-efficient, productive hustling. I was tackling a massive mountain of client work and launching my first-ever online course before hitting the road for a socially-distanced family vacation. I decided to vlog the experience for my YouTube channel. I thought it would be a fun way to stay accountable and inspired—but also to share my best productivity tips with you, too! I hope you enjoy it. If you find it helpful, give it a thumbs up! And feel free to chime in with your own productivity tips in the comments. Watch the vlog here:   A bit of context, in case you’re curious about what I actually do: I’m a freelance copywriter and I work for various clients throughout the year creating digital marketing language for their brands. I also do some consulting and creative marketing direction. I have some longer-term clients that require weekly deliverables and shorter-term clients that pop up here and there. At this particular time, a perfect storm of client work had occurred. I don’t normally have THIS much work during … Continue reading Productivity Vlog | Launching My Online Course & Tackling Client Work