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We’re Engaged! 💍 A Perfect Proposal by the Beach

We’re Engaged! A Perfect Proposal by the Beach - Hey Mishka Blog (2)

I still can’t believe I’m writing this, but we’re engaged! Eduardo proposed to me on the final evening of our family vacation in the sweetest and most perfect way imaginable.

You may know that Hammonasset Beach is a special place for me. I’ve gone camping there with family each summer since I was a little kid, inviting social circles from every phase of my life, making memories with so many loved ones. And while I missed out on a few annual trips while in college, that hazy New England beach has watched me grow up for 15+ years.

It’s hard to find constants in your life like that—moments or places where you find emotional repose from it all, stepping out of the chaos and into something comforting and familiar. That’s Hammo for me. This quaint family trip is part of who I am. That made the proposal even more meaningful.

We’re Engaged! A Perfect Proposal by the Beach - Hey Mishka Blog (1)

My parents and our close family friends were there with us. We were playing board games at a picnic table under the light of a camping lantern. I remember already thinking it was this perfect night with everyone together, laughing and sipping wine and being silly.

The moment arrived during the third round of Loteria (a Mexican card game similar to bingo that’s image-based and a lot more fun). I was covered in bug spray, sunburnt, and donning my most fashionable camping clothes, and squinting to make sure dad didn’t miss any of the Spanish words on his card. I had no idea what was coming.

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Funny enough, I’d been vlogging for most of the trip, and filmed some of the game, but put my camera down to enjoy our last night together. So I stopped filming right before the proposal happened, so I have footage leading up to that moment. Looking back at it, I can see the anticipation in the smiles on my parents’ faces. Eduardo had told them hours earlier what he was planning to do.

Instead of calling the next Loteria card, E took a ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him—it was so smooth, I went into shock! After sobbing profusely for a few seconds and recovering, I said yes, and everyone cheered for us. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

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In the morning we woke up with the sunrise, ran to the beach, and attempted to take our DIY engagement photos. We had fun playing around with the tripod to take posed photos and I snapped some selfies as the increasingly hot sun came up. I adored the results—spontaneous and playful snaps on the familiar New England backdrop I’ve fallen in love with over the years.

I love that my nails are chipped and sandy and I basically look delirious, as one does when returning to civilization after days spent living outdoors. As someone who has always been a little chaotic, messy, and imperfect, this felt right. Somehow it was all perfect.

We’re Engaged! A Perfect Proposal by the Beach - Hey Mishka Blog (3)

So, here I am! Newly engaged Mishka, ready to embark on an exciting new journey. I don’t take this moment lightly. It’s a profound step. I’ve spent a long time preparing my heart to move forward in life, and it hasn’t been easy.

If I look back on past diary entries and sporadic writings from the past 5+ years, there were moments where I was sure I’d never really love someone again, never really be happy again. There was a violent storm of heartbreak I thought I would never see the end of. Now, I honor my past and welcome my future. There’s a blissful catharsis in that balance.

At the risk of sounding quite dramatic, I feel so lucky to have met Eduardo, who has patiently and lovingly helped me figure out how to trust and love again. Relationships require a lot of trusting in yourself and trusting in the future. There’s nothing simple about building a life with someone. It’s a blessing to get that chance.

*ahem* Anyway! Please excuse me for getting deep. I’m in my Libra feels right now.

Because of the pandemic, wedding plans are anything but certain. We don’t feel comfortable having a large gathering this year, so we’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

But naturally, I’ll be documenting along the way. So don’t forget to subscribe to the Hey Mishka YouTube channel for vlogs, life updates, and lots more!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. Until next time…






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