My Cozy December Scrapbook: Festivity in Times of Pandemic

The tinsel, the snowfall, the quarantine routines… December was a unique mix of melancholy and wonderful here in Brooklyn. I spent many an evening with a glass of bubbly and a cheesy movie. I decorated and redecorated. I worked (a lot) on writing work for various clients. With the state of the pandemic and covid cases rising, we decided not to travel home to mom and dad’s for Christmas. That meant finding other ways to make the season bright. Luckily, jolly holiday vibes come in many forms. We spent time with family and friends digitally. We saw our closest friends in our “bubble” here in NYC, which was a breath of fresh air.¬†And of course, there was a lot of baking. Overall, we did our best, and we had a lot to be grateful for, even during this incredibly strange time. I put together a few of my favorite photos to share with you—and to remember the season by. It was certainly one I’ll never forget! Welcome to my cozy December scrapbook: In the process of redefining the holidays for 2020, we made new traditions of our own. It was an unforgettable season. And that brings us right up to … Continue reading My Cozy December Scrapbook: Festivity in Times of Pandemic