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December Vlog | A Quiet Christmas in Brooklyn

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It’s hard to believe we’re here, but it’s finally time for the December vlog! The final month of 2020 brought glittering snow, festive cocktail-sipping with our social bubble, and lots of reflection on the year we’ve just endured. Little outings, gift wrapping, and extra-long workdays led up to Christmas, when we had virtual gift exchanges with family and made the best of it all.

Truthfully, we’re lucky that we had a cozy home to spend it in and have stayed safe thus far. So many people are hurting this season, so as tempting as it was to focus on the negatives (like not being at mom and dad’s on Christmas morning for the first time in my life), staying in gratitude was an essential theme.

Also, I have to hand it to modern technology. Our Christmas day video chats made us feel like we were together, even though it wasn’t safe to gather this year. Here’s a look at how December played out, from the first hints of holiday to the explosive fireworks of New Year’s Eve.

This vlog actually wraps up my first full year of vlogging and making YouTube videos every month at Hey Mishka! It’s been so fun documenting, editing, and sharing little parts of my life. By the way, are you subscribed to my channel yet?

I have a long way to go to make high-quality videos and grow my channel, but if you’re reading this right now, I’m SO grateful for your support. Thank you for being a part of this little community.

Onward and upward into 2021!

P.S. I’ve captured some moments from the month in my December scrapbook post over here.

My Cozy December Scrapbook: Festivity in Times of Pandemic




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