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Monthly Mood Board: The January Aesthetic


Hey friends! I have a fun new project to share. I’ve decided to create a monthly mood board for each month of 2021. I’m hoping to capture some creative cues, color palettes, and elements I’m into at the moment in order to create a sort of aesthetic retrospective of the year. The vibe for January is all about festivity and optimism for the new year, floral notes, trying to fall back in love with NYC, and soft feminine palettes. What do you think?

Whether they serve as a snapshot of what’s inspiring at the moment or I actually lean on them as a monthly style guide, I really like the process of compiling visuals. The only rule I’m setting for myself is that I can’t overthink it.

In fact, mood boards are not uncharted territory for me! I used to collage with paper scraps and magazines when I was a teenager. I switched to digital collage in school when I learned how to use Photoshop (I studied visual communications before fashion design). I would make these wild little collages for no reason at all, just to see how different textures and images looked together.

Looking back, I probably got the idea from some of the garment/accessory collages I found in Nylon in high school, but whatever the original catalyst was, it’s a love that has stayed with me. Collection mood boards became my favorite part of fashion school projects and I would scour the internet for the coolest visuals…

Anyway, I think this will be fun. What projects have you started for the new year?

I hope you’re having an inspiring January so far!






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