February Vlog | Snowstorms in NYC & Other Cozy Moments ❄️

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good snowstorm in NYC. Brooklyn was buried in snow this month, creating a magical backdrop for events to unfold. I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a table full of goodies, frolicked in the fluffy white outdoors (or tried to), and did a lot of freelance writing work. There were some not-to-pleasant moments, like a champagne bottle exploding and injuring my hand (I know, first world problems), and an apparent attempted break-in. I also said goodbye to a friend who I’ve known for about a decade and attended my first Zoom memorial service in her honor. February was all about the ups and downs. The highs and lows. Here’s the vlog! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hey Mishka YouTube channel for more cozy, creative vlogs.   And, as always, a few snaps from throughout the month. I haven’t taken a proper selfie in a while! Behold, my chapped winter lips and unruly bangs. Some things never change. Fun fact… we actually almost moved into this gorgeous 3-bedroom apartment. We went to see it on a whim and it was perfect—like, upend your life, break your lease kind of perfect. But then we were informed of … Continue reading February Vlog | Snowstorms in NYC & Other Cozy Moments ❄️