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Monthly Mood Board: The April Aesthetic


2021 mood boards continue with the April aesthetic! April evoked some refreshing vibes in my life. In fact, I’ve been using the phrase “spring hit refresh on my life” a lot, and I think that’s displayed here.

April’s pastel collage represents a few ideas: First, the return of green outside my window. Seeing the trees bloom after such a long, dark winter really woke up something in me. I know that’s how seasons work, and it’s easy to forget spring is coming when you’re in the thick of winter.

But walking around Brooklyn in April, seeing green on branches and pink petals flying in the breeze, dissolved my gloomy winter mood. Instead, I now have an almost childish sense of optimism (and I’m going to hold onto it with both hands).

This collage looks a bit like a room, which was accidental but ended up being spot-on. I feel like it represents my new office/studio space, which has been a big catalyst for my good mood and creativity lately.

(Watch my April vlog for details—we moved the bedroom into the basement and my workspace is now on the first floor!)

It’s been a while since I had my own studio-type space, and it feels incredible. I’m also no longer working next to a little basement window! I have full daylight in this room.

Finally, some of the details in the collage that have fairly obvious meaning: My new candy-colored beaded bracelet that says MISHKA, one of my iridescent vintage teacups, a new spring candle, my favorite house plant, and the sakura lattes I’ve been obsessed with since March. 🌸

I guess this collage has some more obvious physical elements, most of it was taken from my own photos.

In case you missed earlier explanations of this series, I’m making a mood board each month of 2021 to create a sort of aesthetic snapshot of my year. I might include physical objects from my space, aspirational concepts, or more surreal/abstract elements.

I’m *trying* (keyword: trying) to create them in the very beginning of each month to manifest and set the stage for the coming days, but I’ve been a bit behind, so April and May were created retrospectively.


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Stay creative, friends!




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