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Trying Sakura Lattes! 🌸 & Other Cute Snacks From Japan

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Life is stressful. Let’s have snacks! Back in March, I got a box of aesthetically pleasing Japanese snacks from Sugoi Mart to celebrate spring. I promised to do a video where I tried all of these neat goodies. I didn’t eat them all in one day, of course, so it took some time to film.

Now the verdicts are in… snack time has arrived! 🌸☕️🍓 Pour something warm and pull up a chair. Let’s unwind and try some new things together.

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A few notes…

🌸 Not everything is sakura/cherry blossom flavored, but a lot of it is. I also got banana, matcha, and strawberry milk treats!

🌸 The coffee drinks are from Starbucks’ limited edition spring coffee collection, which was sold in Japan and a few other places. I can honestly say everything was delicious and 100% worth it. And I know, I know. Starbucks is a big corporate monster. We usually drink local organic coffee, but sometimes I like to indulge. 🤫

🌸 You can find some of these things on eBay! Shop around for the best prices, because there’s definitely an aesthetically pleasing tax when it comes to buying cute snacks..

sakura-lattes-cute-snacks-japan - Hey Mishka Blog

I bought a little stockpile of the strawberry sakura lattes and gave a few of them as gifts. I felt like it was my mission to share this liquid gold… 🌸🌸🌸

Right now, it’s pink outside, it’s pink in my teacup… what more could I want?

This was one of my favorite videos to make because the teas, lattes, and snacks were so aesthetically pleasing… but they were also delicious! There’s something special about this season, and I want to drink it all up.

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