May Vlog | Crafting & Plant Shopping in NYC

Sometimes you just have to open the windows, put on some Studio Ghibli, and make crafts all day. May was a relaxing, creative month. I went plant shopping, saw some friends, and spent a lot of time in my little studio making beaded bracelets. Plant shopping in NYC has always been a love of mine, but with spring’s arrival, adding more green to my space feels like full-blown therapy. Designing colorful jewelry while appreciating my plants—and the light pouring in through my window—was blissful. I know, I know. Beaded bracelets sound a bit childish. But a) I’ll always love them (I was a candy raver in my early teens) and b) I’ve been thinking a lot about how infusing whimsical craft projects into our lives can help us manage stress, process emotions, and slow down. I’m working on a video to express those thoughts—and convince more grown-ass women to make cute things, I guess! Stay tuned for that. For now, check out my May vlog. It’s one of my favorites in recent memory. If you liked this video and you enjoy vlogs (or chill DIYs and creative living inspiration) subscribe to the Hey Mishka YouTube channel! I have a lofty … Continue reading May Vlog | Crafting & Plant Shopping in NYC