June Vlog | Rainy Days in NYC & Late Spring Cleaning

Ahh, June. What a lovely month. It’s not-quite-summer but pretty much feels like it, everything is peak green outside, and you can feel the optimism of the warm season all around you. I spent a lot of time nursing our yard back to health (check out the May vlog if you missed the mysterious disaster that ruined our grass), and relaxing by the window as it rained (and rained, and rained). Admittedly, this month was low-key because I was nursing an ankle injury back to health, but there were plenty of things to work on at home. One of those things was late spring cleaning, which I did a lot of. Here’s the vlog! If you liked this video and you enjoy vlogs—or chill DIYs and creative living inspiration—subscribe to the Hey Mishka YouTube channel! And remember to drop me a like and a comment if you’d like to help me grow. I appreciate you! Here are a few of my favorite snaps from June… It rained a lot this month, which is pretty typical for spring/summer in the city! But it’s definitely been raining more than usual. I love to stroll through my neighborhood on a rainy day. Everything … Continue reading June Vlog | Rainy Days in NYC & Late Spring Cleaning