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5 Reasons You’ll Love Creative Journaling & Scrapbooking

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One of the creative habits I’ve picked up over the past few years has been whimsical journaling (or collaging… or scrapbooking). I try to do a few pages per week. My day gets off to a reliably fun note if I begin it with a cup of coffee and a pile of stickers and scrap paper. What is it, exactly? It’s whatever you want it to be!

While this crafty hobby is called “journaling” on social media, it’s not the written journal we’re here to talk about today—though I do that too, and I also recommend it! Instead, we’re talking about the process of compiling a personal book of visual imagery and inspiration. It might look more like scrapbooking, mixed media art, or even vision boarding. It’s up to you.

Here are 5 reasons I think you’ll love working this practice into your weekly creative routine.

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1. There are no rules, so you get to be *extra* creative

It could be written words, it could be scraps of paper (receipts, concert tickets, love notes, mementos), or it could be strategically designed stickers that look very aesthetically pleasing when layered together! Some people add ribbons, wax seal stamps, glitter and other mixed media elements, too. Basically, there are no rules. It’s just filling pages.

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2. You can use up that pile of pretty scraps you don’t want to throw away

I can’t be the only one who tucks away bits of packaging, freebie stickers, tags, and pieces of paper that I think are pretty, can I? I have a thin plastic tub full of scraps, and when I pull out a wrinkled piece of brown craft paper, a floral cutout, or some other miscellaneous piece, it gives me an almost irrational amount of satisfaction when I tape or glue it down to the page.

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3. It’s as relaxing and expressive as written journaling

Written journaling is something I’ve turned to for most of my life (even when I was too young to know it was helpful). These days I crack open my journal most mornings to quickly reflect on a few things. When I journal visually, I can create a mood or express emotion without needing to find the right words. It can be very catharcit. Of course, you can just do it for fun, too. No deeper meaning required.

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4. It’s an inexpensive hobby to keep up with

Given the fact that paper ephemera is one of the key ingredients to a satisfying journal page, this is one hobby that definitely won’t break the bank. You can find a nice bullet journal or blank page notebook for less than $20. The contents can be virtually anything, from photos and concert tickets to paint swatches and sketches. Sure, you can stock up on washi tape and hand-painted stickers on Etsy, but it’s not necessary.

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5. It is highly satisfying to flip back through journal pages and see your progress

If you’ve ever flipped through a sketchbook, a notebook or any other book you’ve filled with your creativity, you know how good it feels. There’s something about a notebook, a little archive of whatever we were feeling at the moment (from emotions to creative impulses) that puts you into context and makes you feel proud. As someone who battles anxiety pretty much every day, this is an unexpected tool for coping with that “lost in the abyss” feeling that sometimes creeps up.

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If you’re interested in getting into journaling, all you need is a notebook or bullet journal (here’s my favorite), some stickers or scrap paper (which you can find around your creative workspace, so you don’t need to buy lots of new stuff), and a simple starter point of inspiration.

TikTok and Pinterest, in particular, are full of great inspiration and accounts to follow. Watching people do journal pages in real-time is another relaxing hobby of mine—though making something yourself is usually more satisfying and a better use of your free time!

Until next time, happy journaling!


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