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Happy New Year! Here’s to a Creative 2022

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Hey friends! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year—and to remind you not to hold back on your creative hopes and dreams for 2022. I’ll make another post (update: here it is!) about my 2022 goals, but for now, I want to be that voice on your shoulder who says “let’s make more this year”.

I mean it. Let’s make more art, more creative work, “good” or “bad”. Cute or dramatic. Polished or haphazard. Let’s cut pieces up and glue them together, collage, sketch, record, edit, whatever. Let’s put ourselves out there. Let’s hold up the things we make and say “hey, I made this”.

My entire life has been a battle to embrace my creative nature in my daily life despite the various obstacles I encounter in life and in my own mind (mostly the latter). But after putting more of my effort into creativity in 2021, I’ve come to realize this is the one way I can guarantee myself a little happiness: to always be creating.

If you suspect this might be similar for you, I made this video last summer that may resonate and inspire your next project. Let’s move our paintbrushes to the front of the drawer, keep a journal on the bedside table (or in the bathroom, I’m not judging!). Let’s load up our design software and close out of Pinterest.

It’s time to stop spending our time admiring everyone else’s work and spend some time with our own… however unsatisfying and frustrating that might be at first. It’s time to embrace that scary notion that we’ve been hiding, that we’re not *that* good at this, that no one will pay attention. It doesn’t matter. We’re creatives and we’re here to create.

If you need an online pal to give you a little push, come follow me on IG or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Let’s do this together.

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Until next time, stay healthy and treasure each day of 2022! Channel your optimism and live that artistic life you’ve been dreaming of! Tomorrow isn’t promised, so we have to snap out of it and make every day count.

I adore you all, readers new and old, and I’m grateful that you’ve let me share my thoughts with you here at Hey Mishka. I’ll keep sharing, so stop by and visit anytime.


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