A Year of Optimism: My Goals & Aspirations for 2022

Happy new year, my friends. As I write this post, snow is falling outside my window. NYC is being thoroughly blanketed in fluffy white. My IG stories are filled with delighted squeals and fingers drawing hearts on frosty windows. For a second, everything feels calm. More often than not, I approach life with what some might even consider near-delusional optimism, but for the past two years, that point of view was considerably more difficult to muster. Like many of us, I’ve had 500+ days of doom-and-gloom news and constant anxiety—ample opportunity to test out how fear and pessimism shape my world. And I can confidently say I’m more inclined to see the bright side. As I sat down to consider my new year’s resolutions for 2022, one message came through loud and clear: I’m not about to live through “2020 Part Three”. 2022 has its own kind of sparkle, its own promise of newness and redemption. I’m not exactly sure how, but that’s fine. It’s just something I’ve decided. With that said, here are my goals, resolutions, aspirations… whatever you’d like to call them. I’m writing them here because documenting is a natural part of my life, but also because … Continue reading A Year of Optimism: My Goals & Aspirations for 2022