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Can You Create the Life of Your Dreams Just by Writing It Down?

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What if changing your life was as simple as sitting down with a notebook and pen? What would you write? What outcomes would you create for yourself? These are some of the things I spent time mulling over recently. On a snowy afternoon, I set off for my favorite cafe, intent on warming up with a cocktail (and getting my ice cold seltzer fix too, since I crave those year-round).

I pulled out a notebook at my little cafe table and, as the windows fogged up and the snow fell outside, I started writing as my future self. Then, something really interesting happened. I felt a shift. And if it wasn’t a shift “in the universe”, it was, at the very least, a shift in my own mind about what was possible.

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If you’re into manifestation and Law of Attraction, this may not come as a surprise. Scripting (or writing as your future self in future-present tense, declaring gratitude for that which has “happened” in the future) can open up new paths of possibility by confirming to the energetic universe that such outcomes have been reached.

There are many books written on this if you’d like a better explanation, but essentially, because all outcomes are possible at once (the quantum universe is not linear in the way that we experience a lifetime) it doesn’t matter if you’re writing and reacting to an event that hasn’t “happened” yet. You’ve just made the event a potential outcome, and thus a reality in the quantum field, by acknowledging and embodying that feeling.

It’s pretty cool stuff!

As described by Mål Paper:

Scripting manifestation is a technique used to manifest goals by writing about the time after you’ve successfully reached your goal. By writing as if your goals have already been attained, not only do they feel more accessible, but you can also discover new insights into how to manifest your goals.

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Scripting is often done in the form of a letter to self or a diary entry. It can also be a letter of gratitude or prayer to the universe itself. As you write the words, you have to experience the emotions that come up. You might sense a resistance to feeling certain things (like joy and happiness) because you’re doubting whether these outcomes are possible for you. But this is where you have to dig deep and claim those positive feelings.

Humans are far more powerful than most of us realize. A simple acceptance of an outcome can create the quantum path needed to reach that outcome. It’s wild stuff!

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Once you write your entry, some who have studied manifestation claim it’s best to “plant” the entry and avoid looking at it for (at least) as long as the timeline indicates. In my case, I folded over the notebook paper and clipped it closed, adding a “do not open until” date. I guess the idea is that you’re supposed to trust in the outcomes without getting caught up in how they unfold, or impatiently waiting for signs of progress.

I quite like the “planting” metaphor in this case. You can’t constantly dig up newly-planted seeds due to lack of patience and expect to see them flourishing. You’ll ruin them if you keep exposing them and toying with them. It’s best to trust that, beneath the earth, they’re taking root. One day, you’ll see them sprouting and growing.

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The most powerful thing I experienced while I was writing in future-present tense was a shift in energy. There’s no denying a unique sensation that arises when you write down an outcome as if it has already happened. You feel those emotions as if they were occurring at that moment, and your entire chest begins to well up.

Tapping into the emotions of an outcome you desire is wildly powerful. It allows your mind and heart to acknowledge that not only are those things possible, but they might even be inevitable.

I’ll definitely update you on the outcome of the specific things I included in my scripting exercise when the time comes. Until then, give it a try! I’d love to hear about your experience as well.


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