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This Was 2021: A Whimsical Highlight Reel


This was 2021 It’s impossible to capture everything and everyone I love in 3.5 minutes, but this video is a pretty thorough reflection of 2021.

Despite the short length, it took me months to edit because I had hundreds of video clips to go through—and, wouldn’t you know it, being a person who feels it all means resistance toward revisiting memories sometimes! Nostalgia is my Achilles’ heel when it comes to vlogging and documenting.

But documenting life is so important to me, and these highlight reels are a potent reminder of how blessed I am. This year had everything: good and bad, but mostly good. Mostly really, really good. I hope you enjoy this little recap. And don’t blink. You just might spot yourself!

Watch it below or over at the Hey Mishka YouTube Channel—and don’t forget to subscribe!

Here’s to 2022…


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