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Mishka’s June Favorites: Propagation Stations, Stationery & Summer Treats

Exciting (?) news! I’m kicking off a new series here on the blog this summer that I’ve been wanting to start for a while. I’m calling it “Mishka’s Favorites”. Predictably, I’ll be sharing my favorite finds from the previous month, from beauty products to DIY tools and home decor. I find myself wanting to randomly share recommendations on social, but it’s much easier to pop them into one post.

June was truly consumed by last-second wedding prep, the actual wedding festivities, and wedding recovery. I’ve tried to include a few items that represent each of those phases.


1 & 2. Propagation stationsStationery and hanging versions. I made a bit of a miscalculation in late May. I thought I could propagate enough pothos plants to give to wedding guests (75 of them, to be exact). As you can imagine, this didn’t quite pan out. Now I have a bunch of thriving cuttings that are just waiting to be planted in soil. I’m not sure if I’ll have a sidewalk plant sale or just give them to friends, but watching their roots grow each day was a very heartwarming experience. I prefer the stationary frame-style station to the hanging one, but they’re both aesthetically beautiful.

3 & 4. Sweet stationeryLetter writing set and floral printed thank-you cards. Being a bride-to-be (and then a bride) certainly comes with a lot of demand for handwritten greetings. There are engagement announcements, save-the-dates, invitations, personal notes to special family members (for example, we asked my grandmother and great aunt to walk in our processional), bridal shower thank-yous, wedding thank-yous… It’s wild! Here are two of my favorite stationery sets that I found for some of the correspondence above.

5. Beaded summer bracelets – In my recent vlog, I opened a little pink seed bead bracelet with mini daisy motifs. It’s been my go-to accessory and I’ve just ordered another set of them in different colors. They come in bracelet and ankle sizes. I’m not sure what makes them so charming. Maybe they’re just simple and cheery? Each time I look down at my wrist, I can’t help but smile. As a plus, these are created by an Etsy small business owner.

6. Lime ice pops – Blame the heat that’s been setting in for the past few weeks (we’ve had a couple of 90+ degree days, which is to be expected in NYC) but my seasonal ice pop craving has arrived! This past month we happened upon a cute Mexican spot in Bushwick called Plaza Ortega and they had the most impressive selection of paletas I’ve ever seen. 🤤 Eduardo got the lime and let me try a bite. Since then I’ve been hunting down lime ice pops all over Brooklyn. I even got an ice pop mold to make my own (something I haven’t done since I was a kid).

7. Vintage lemon juicer (links to an Etsy search so you can pick your favorite) – On the theme of citrus fruits, I’ve been loving lemon-everything lately as well. I bought a vintage lemon juicer on Etsy recently and a new pitcher to create a few batches of homemade lemonade. Most store-bought lemonade is too sweet for me to stomach, but it’s pretty easy to DIY (look for a lemonade experiment in an upcoming vlog). I’d like to try adding different things like strawberries, blood oranges, and lavender. Drop your favorite lemonade recipes below!

8. Pastel dried flower bouquet – Another wedding-related Etsy shop find. We gifted these bouquets to my mother and grandmother for all of their support and help with the wedding. I was excited about gifting bright, vibrant dried flowers that would stand the test of time, not to mention travel from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley in the days leading up to wedding weekend. I can imagine grabbing one of these for a fun centerpiece at a party or just to brighten up the kitchen for summer.

9. Cocofloss – I think we can all agree that Instagram ads are super annoying. But every once in a while, the algorithm shoves something useful in the mix. I have super sensitive gums and most floss is irritating as heck. Cocofloss promised to be super gentle, thin enough to get between crowded teeth (another issue of mine), and toxin-free. I used it once and was sold! So, on the off chance that any of my readers experience dental woes like mine, give this floss a shot.

That’s all for this month, friends. At the moment, none of these are affiliate links.

Let me know which products you enjoy!


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